Nardini Manor was originally known as “The Field Ranch” which originated in 1908 by Mr. Ralph W. Fields. Mr. Fields was a cattle rancher, farmer & preacher. It is unknown whether the lumber to build the large house was brought in by way of horse and wagon or if it was brought in by way of  the railway which was completed at almost exactly the same time that the house was being built, in 1910. What is known is that the exterior walls are constructed of solid concrete and are a full 12” thick. Instead of rebar the concrete was reinforced with railway rails. It is also known that the construction took two years to complete due to the shear size of the house. The construction was complete in 1912, the same year that Arizona became a state. At this time in 1908 the estate included hundreds of acres. As time went on, various owners split and sold off all but the 5 1/2 acres the Manor sits on today.

 In the early 1970’s Mr. Thomas Nardini and his family purchased the Manor which by this time was in total disrepair. He and his wife spent the next 20 years restoring the house and designing the gardens that you see today. Mr. Nardini having come from Italy had a vision as to what gardens should reflect. These gardens were designed to capture beauty and elegance, by way of fountains, sculptures and manicured hedges.

 In 1990 the Manor caught fire and was severely damaged. Restoration was going to be a very large undertaking and Mr. Nardini who had just recently lost his wife, decided against it.

 In January of 1991 the Manor was sold to a private party for the express purpose of holding weddings, receptions and special events. They too had a vision and the restoration began again. The restoration took 12 months of hard work and was transformed into the show piece it is today.

 Today the Manor continues to grow in beauty, with many new features and projects planned for the future.


Nardini Manor