Nardini Manor, originally known as “Fields Ranch,” was established by Rev. Ralph H. and Edna Fields in late 1910, the very year the nearby Arizona Eastern Railway tracks were being laid. Rev. Fields was known locally as a cattle rancher, farmer, missionary and Methodist preacher in the small settlement known as Liberty of then Arizona Territory. The large house took two full years to construct, from 1910-1912, and it is believed that the lumber and materials may have arrived on the new railway which received its first railcar in 1911. The exterior walls of the house are constructed of solid concrete and are a full 12” thick. Instead of rebar, the concrete was reinforced with railway rails. Construction was complete in 1912, the same year Arizona officially became a state. The homestead changed hands many times over the years and fell into deep disrepair, but was reborn in 1975 when it was purchased by Italian visionaries Thomas and Kay Nardini. Tom and Kay devoted themselves to the property’s marvelous restoration for nearly 20 years, adding the north and south wings of the house, manicured hedges – including the maze – vast and elegant gardens, fountains, sculptures, and other ornamental elements throughout the property. Sadly, in 1990 the home caught fire and the interior was badly damaged. Restoration was going to be a very large undertaking, and Tom had recently lost Kay, his wife and partner, and understandably he decided against it. In January of 1991, Tom privately sold the property to a local couple uniquely equipped to restore the historic structure for the express purpose of opening it to the public for special events. After 11 months of around-the-clock restoration and painstaking efforts to incorporate authentic period elements – such as 1910 wood flooring salvaged from the nearby Liberty School building – the Nardini Manor (as it’s known today) was again reborn and hosted its first wedding that November. The Manor would go on to play host to a wide range of events over the next several years, pausing briefly from time to time to adapt to economic shifts and evolving family needs. Today the Manor continues to grow in beauty and develop its offerings, with many new features and projects planned for the future.
1912 Completion
1980's Growth
Stairwell After 1990 Fire
Stairwell After 1991 Restoration
Front Entrance After 1990 Fire